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General Information

There are 7 Major Government High Schools throughout Tonga.

  • Tonga High School and Tonga College in the main island of Tongatapu.
  • Vava’u High School in Vava’u,
  • Ha’apai High School in Ha’apai,
  • ‘Eua High School in ‘Eua,
  • Niuatoputapu District High School in Niuatoputapu
  • Niuafo’ou District High School in Niuafo’ou. 

At the ame time, there are also 7 Government Middle Schools (GMS) in Tonga with 6 of them in Tongatapu and one in Vavaʻu. Of all these Middle Schools, it’s only GMS Talafo’ou who is a school of its own for the rest of the middle schools are part of the Primary Schools across Tonga. This includes GMS Kolomotu’a at the GPS Kolomotu’a, GMS Houma at the GPS Houma, GMS Kolovai at the GPS Kolovai, GMS Vaini at the GPS Vaini, GMS Lōtolu at the GPS Lōtolu and GMS Neiafu at the GPS Neiafu, Vavaʻu.

Apart from the High Schools and Middle Schools, government also runs 2 Side Schools with one in Vavaʻu by the name Vavaʻu Side School and the main one in Tongatapu with the name Tonga Side School.

There are approximately 4900 students in all the Government High Schools though majority of them are at Tonga High School and Tonga College.

All the 7 Major High Schools in Tonga are up to Form 7 and so are taking the Tonga School Certificates at Form 5, Tonga Form Six Certificates in Form 6 and the Tonga National Form Seven Certificates in Form 7. Middle Schools are taking the Form 2 Common Exams together with all High School Form Two throughout Tonga. 

The rest of the High Schools, Middle Schools and Side Schools in Tonga are Private Schools or are run by the Churches.


SCHOOL TERMS 2018 ( Tentative)

Planning Week for Primary & Secondary Teachers: 15 - 26/1/2018 (2 weeks)

TERM1 (10weeks)




:29th Jan.6th Apr.
(Term1Break: 7th 15th Apr-1week)

:16th Apr.22nd Jun.
(Term2Break: 23rd Jun.8th Jul.-2weeks)

:9th Jul.21th Sept.
(Term3Break :22nd 30th Sept.-1week)

:1st Oct.7th Dec.


  1. January 1st:

  2. March 30th :

  3. April 2nd :

  4. April 25th :

  5. June 4th :

  6. July 4th :

  7. September 17th :

  8. November 4th :

  9. December 4th:

  10. December 25th:

  11. December 26th:

New Year
Good Friday
Easter Monday
Emancipation Day;
King’s Birthday
Crown Prince’s Birth Day
National & Constitution Day Tupou I’s Coronation Day Christmas Day
Boxing Day

(End of Term 4 : 8nd Dec. 2018 ) (Christmas Holiday Break - 9th Dec20th Jan. 2019, 6 weeks)

PS : Official Observed DAYS of National Public Holidays is due for announcement by Prime Minister’s Office