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The Examination and Assessment Unit was mandated in 2013 to:

 Ensure the validity, reliability, fairness and equitability of Educational Assessments for the National qualifications.

 Ensure the security and confidentiality of examination processes.

 Ensure the security and confidentiality of contractors‟ and candidates personal details.

 Prepare examination papers for SEE, Form Two Common Exam, TSC, TFSC and TNFSC.

 Train and contract examiners and moderators.

 Distribute examination papers to centres.

 Organise supervisors.

 Process examination results.

 Coordinate and monitor the IA components for the National External Examinations.

 Liaise with SPBEA, for the operation of form 6 and 7 qualification, accreditation and benchmarking.

 Coordinate CIE examination.

 Review the ATLAS program for result processing.

 Upgrade the existing resources for the examination processes



Lessons Learned

 All examination expenditures were funded from GOT‟s Budget Allocations to MET for 2012/2013 and 2013/2014.

 All examination related activities in 2013 were 100% completed, yet a good numbers did not meet their due dates. This is due mainly to staff attitude and commitment to one‟s responsibilities.

 ATLAS program for processing of the examination need to be personalised and owned by MET and adjusted to suit the new national curriculum requirement.

 Only SEE amongst the four National External Examinations achieved the examination attendance target level of 98% for registered candidates.

Way Forward

 MET should empower the Examination Unit with staff of appropriate skills.

 Exams Unit should make an effort from 2014 onward to ensure that all of its‟ activities ARE executed and completed as scheduled by:

 Strictly observing the conditions of its contracts with the examiners, moderators, markers and supervisors.

 Liaising closely with MET Finance on the processing of its‟ Request Orders.

 Liaising closely with client schools on the examination formalities, processes and procedures.