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Office of the CEO

Office of the Chief Executive Officer of Education and Training                                                                  ... More detail

Minister's Office

  Office of the Minister for Education and Training The Minister‟s office is responsible for leadership, policy advice, review and development, strategic directions and relationships, and the overall health and wellbeing of the Ministry. Provision of Ministerial Support Services... More detail


ROLES  The Ministry is responsible for the administration and management of Education and Training in Tonga as a whole. In the last twelve months it has made every effort to create an environment in which all education systems, communities, schools, teachers, students, donor and development... More detail

Mission Statement

VISION Education is one of the most valuable assets a person can possess. Well-informed, educated, skilled, professionally experienced, and ethical people of integrity are fundamental to society’s development and well-being. It is through education that individuals can achieve fulfilment, attain... More detail