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Mandates of the Division

The objective of the Education Management of Information System (EMIS) for 2013 is to develop capacities in the Ministry of Education and Training (MET) to make it more efficient in executing its core functions of policy formulating, monitoring and evaluation, standards setting, providing regulatory frameworks, coordinating and optimisation of resources use through improved access to and use of EMIS at all level of education. The EMIS Division is mandated to:

 Expand capacities at all levels of education that will provide for;

- Accurate and timely statistical information to support educational reform efforts, program implementation as well as to guide decision making.

- Routine collection, processing, storage, dissemination and utilization of important EMIS data/information.

- Comprehensive and coordinated data collection, process and storage.

 Formulate an Education Management Information System (EMIS) Development Plan 2014 – 2019.