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Mandates of the Division

(1) The overall mandate of the Human Resource Management (HRM) Division is to effectively and efficiently harness all human resources to support the achievement of the Goals and Objectives of the Ministry of Education and Training, and at the same time ensure employees are motivated and satisfied through reasonable conditions of service ;

(2) In 2013, the HRM Division was specifically mandated to support the achievement of the Ministry’s Outcome Objective No. 8: “Strong Leadership, clear policies, effective and efficient administration, and sustainable funding at all levels of education, by ensuring that quality human resources and polices and adequate funding are available to finance education sustainably” (Tonga Education Lakalaka Policy Framework 2012-2017);

(3) Under the Corporate Plan for the Ministry of Education and Training 2013 – 2017, the HRM Division was expected to contribute significantly to the seven (7) 

The Deputy Director was directly responsible to the Chief Executive Officer for Education and Training for the coordination and implementation of Human Resource Management functions. She was assisted in her tasks by the other five staff listed above.


Only $127,194 was allocated to the HRM Division to cover basic salaries of the first four employees named above whilst salaries for the latter two were paid from other Divisions of the Ministry. There was no specific allocation for operations, thus expenses for equipment, maintenance, communication, advertisements, transportation, stationery, consumables, essential overtime, acting allowance, implementation of activities, etc., were met through a centralized budget for Administration and Corporate/Support Services.


The assets held by HRM employees as of December 2013 are listed above – Part 11: under Staffing.

Key Functions and Responsibilities

The Division was tasked with the following specific functions and responsibilities:-

  • Ministry’s Staffing (Human Resource Planning, Job/Position Descriptions, Recruitment, Placements, Transfers, Promotions, Relieving Pool, Remuneration, Exits, Discipline & Grievances); Page 46 of 210
  • Public Service Conditions of Service, Legislation & Policies (Awareness, Induction, Dissemination, Accessibility, & Monitoring Compliance);
  • Leave Processing (Casual, Annual, Special, Study, Sporting Tour, Sick);
  • Human Resource Development, mainly for non-teaching staff ( Short-term training, professional development, overseas travel);
  • Performance Appraisal (non-teaching support staff);
  • Human Resource Database and Information System;
  • Provision of HRM advisory services;