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The Ministry is responsible for the administration and management of Education and Training in Tonga as a whole. In the last twelve months it has made every effort to create an environment in which all education systems, communities, schools, teachers, students, donor and development partners, and the Ministry can work together in partnership and in harmony to achieve maximal benefit for all students at all levels, and in which all students can equitably access quality education that is relevant and sustainable. Through more efficient management and effective use of its communications linkages, relationships, and information systems, and through strengthening of professional development and capabilities, and ethical conduct and behaviors, education was able to be more responsive to emerging social and economic issues, and to better meet the diverse needs of different communities, employers and the private sector, and the wider society. The Ministry’s responsibilities during this period were manifested through its five programme areas:

(i) Leadership;

(2) Administration;

(3) Quality Assurance;

(4) Schools;

(5) Post-secondary Education.