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Education is one of the most valuable assets a person can possess. Well-informed, educated, skilled, professionally experienced, and ethical people of integrity are fundamental to society’s development and well-being. It is through education that individuals can achieve fulfilment, attain goals, and improve living standards. Education in Tonga encourages people to think and work for themselves, and to actively contribute to the welfare and development of their communities and society. The Ministry seeks to find the right balance between the meeting the needs of the individual, groups, and Tongan society as a whole. Our vision for education in Tonga is:

“The people of Tonga will achieve excellence in education that is unique to Tonga.”

 Achieving the Vision

The Ministry of Education has primary responsibility for the implementation of the Ministry of Education’s Corporate Plan which was revised to incorporate the changes made under the Tonga Education Lakalaka Policy Framework, and which guided further revision to the Education Policy Framework 2004-2019. The Lakalaka Policy Framework currently provides the overarching framework that is guiding the Ministry’s vision for education, while the Corporate Plan is the immediate vehicle that is driving and giving impetus to the changes in the education system over the next three years.



The mission of the Ministry of Education is as follows:


“To provide equitable, accessible, relevant, and sustainable quality education for all Tongans that will enable Tonga to develop and become a learning and knowledge society.”